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Between The Rain –

Started in 2006, Between The Rain is a hard rock trio out of New York. Originally a name and idea on paper, the band took shape when a search led Tim Donlon, a Detroit-area musician to bassist, Victoria Rothman and drummer, Xavier Martinez. Culminating in 2013, the result was a dynamic exploration of rock n’ roll.

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The Violet Hour

After an exciting 2015, logging nearly 10,000 miles of regional touring on the band van, The Violet Hour is back in 2016 and ready to do it all over again. Kicking off the year as a TouchTunes Breakout Band, The Violet Hour’s song “The Devil’s Game” can be heard in more than 60,000 TouchTunes jukeboxes nationwide.

Having shared the stage with names like Pop Evil, Mindset Evolution, Black Star Riders (aka Thin Lizzy), Saving Abel, Black Oak Arkansas, Alien Ant Farm, and Texas Hippie Coalition, and having made their first journey to the east coast of the US in 2014, The Violet Hour is hungrier than ever, making “Insatiable,” the band’s current EP, their most appropriately titled work to date, released only two months after their first official music video, “Ammunition,” available on Vevo and on the band’s YouTube channel. “Finger to trigger, baby! We play offense, not defense!” says front lady, Alli.

The Violet Hour began as a big dream and a small acoustic duo in the Fall of 2010. From 2010-2012, The Violet Hour grew from duo to band, from local to regional, and by 2013 had established a strong regional presence in the mid-south U.S. In 2014, the band continued to grow and break into new territory, beginning with a trip to the East Coast in March. While in New York, The Violet Hour performed on The Real Radio Show in Long Island alongside a legend, Mark “The Animal” Mendoza of classic metal band Twisted Sister. After The Violet Hour’s performance, Mendoza said, “Forget about ‘Black Oak Arkansas.’ They need to change the name of Fort Smith to ‘The Violet Hour, Arkansas.’ These guys are the real deal!” In 2015, The Violet Hour kept the southern highways hot, traveling from Arkansas to Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Missouri.

Bursting with energy and inspiring crowds with anthems like “Ugly Inside,” The Violet Hour carries fans through an array of feelings from anger about the world’s injustices to joyous revelry and fun. “Everyone fights a personal battle every day,” says Alli. “I want our fans to know they’re not alone. Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re going through… Other people have been there. I love bringing people together and showing them that we all have something in common.”

The Violet Hour not only has a strong and energetic set list, but they also share something very unique–a friendship and passion for each other. “We’ve seen each other through so much,” says Alli. “…all the ups and downs of life. Paying our dues together in the music scene has been a truly bonding experience for us. We’ve played for our dinner. We’ve played in friends’ living rooms. We’ve played outside on 100 degree asphalt, and we’ve played in freezing winds and rain. There’s just something special about enduring crazy and extreme circumstances together to do something we all love. It really makes us appreciate each other and the goals we are working toward.”

All the struggles and hard work have paid off. In from 2013 to 2015, The Violet Hour consistently held top positions in their local and regional rock charts on ReverbNation. The Violet Hour was a 2014 Breakout Band featured in 60,000 TouchTunes jukeboxes nationwide, along with being featured in blogs, e-zines, and entertainment magazines, and receiving multiple sponsorships, including Dirtbag Clothing and Coldcock Whiskey.

Guitarist, Instigator Jon, muses, “This whole thing blows my mind!” Jon has a background in jazz music, playing saxophone and bass. “When I moved from bass to guitar in 2012, I never expected to hear my dad bragging about my shredding two years later. That was one of the best feelings in the world. My dad was a great jazz guitarist. Now that he is gone, I feel the best way I can honor him is to keep growing as a guitarist and melt faces!”

Alli and Jon, along with Jake on drums, Tye on guitar, and Jeff on bass have developed a classic yet alternative sound that ranges from sections of haunting vocals to roaring anthems to funkilicious grooves. The unique sound creation was described perfectly by the late music reviewer Jon Kirk Edwards when he said, “The throaty vibrations and high grade amped up vocals are delivered without apology and with a masterful mix of Hard Rock. Folksy grunge with enough clarity to know you are in the room with some gifted folks who play to a generation beyond the 70’s.”

Remember Me was directed by Garret Henry of GGH Motion Pictures and
marks the forth single off Ascedia’s debut album The Lion and The Jester. The
video for Remember Me has premiered on Exclaim! Magazine and can be seen

Ascendia will also be playing a series of exclusive shows in North America
supporting Norwegian Progressive Metal artists Circus Maximus. Ascendia will
be playing shows in Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and New York leading up to their
appearance at the Power Prog USA Festival in Atlanta, GA.
Ascendia Tour Dates
Sept 2- Chicago, IL – Reggies
Sept 3 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar
Sept 4 – Montreal, QC – Cafe Campus
Sept 5 – New York, NY – Studio at Webster Hall
Sept 9 – Atlanta, GA – ProgPower USA Festival

About Ascendia
Beautiful but brutal. Chaotic but calculated. It’s the balance between these
seemingly opposing foils that Toronto’s Ascendia so perfectly strikes with their
beastly brand of Hard Rock/Metal. Their mammoth sound spans the Atlantic,
uniting elements of North American metal with a foundation rooted in the
symphonic tradition of European metal, and is poised to appeal to even the most
discerning genre purists.
The four-piece – currently comprised of vocalist Nick Sakal, guitarist/vocalist
John Lov, drummer Billy Lov, bassist Stephen Kerr – has been amassing serious
attention and accolades from Canada’s heavy music community over the past
couple of years. They earned a slot on the bill for the Toronto stop of the 2013
Rockstar Mayhem Festival alongside heavyweight headliners like Mastodon,
Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, and Five Finger Death Punch. They’ve
been tapped to support the likes of Haken, Next to None, Into Eternity and
Single Bullet Theory, and now, they’re set to capitalize on the buzz with their
first North American Tour supporting Circus Maximus. The final date of this tour
will have Ascendia playing their largest show yet; Prog Power USA.

well, I jotted down some stuff during my 1st listen then revised with my second. Here are my initial thoughts. I like the intro guitar and the spoken word. I feel it sets a somber yet hopeful tone. (if that makes sense… LOL) I can see the “Whoa-Ohs” in the chorus being a great sing along live. Its a decent hook there. VERY nice guitar solo! Lyrics are good and don’t come across as too trite or hokey especially when its a self empowerment/ bettering my self through hard work kind of song. I would have liked to hear more harmonies in the vocals (My personal taste) but I do like the melody. The drums have a very BIG 80s rock sound to them which works for the song. I didnt expect that sound and I was actually happy to hear a kind of “throwback” sound when it kicked in. With that said, and I’m Not sure if they are triggers / programmed or what but there are some minor issues with the “groove.” It kind of slips here and there. Nothing that is killing the song for me and most people will overlook it or not even notice it. Although there is nothing overly daring in the song structure I think its a decent straight forward mid tempo rock tune with a good Anthem-like sing along chorus.

Listen to it yourself, and tell me what you think

Usually putting together a band with a minimum of three or four members is a daunting task. You’ll get your fair share of the following tropes: players who only want to do cover gigs on the weekends; players who have had it with covers and only want to do originals; players who are willing to fill in for a while, but leave when they feel the money or the music isn’t good enough; players who can’t even play. Philadelphia-based band Glim Dropper elected to eliminate those headaches by taking advantage of modern musical technology and performing and recording as a two-piece unit of Dan Kauffman on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, and loops, and Rob Schnell on drums, samples, and backing vocals. The pair creates a full organic band sound that they call “forward thinging retro rock and roll” – meaning that while they’re utilizing familiar classic and alternative rock sounds and feels in their music, they’re not a couple of luddites who’d prefer to record and release their music on shellac 78’s or Edison cylinders! Their well-written and produced album Last Days Of Analog harks back to the days before being a producer meant you took a band’s recorded performance and chopped, cut, and pasted the thing into a platable mess intended to be overplayed on corporate terrestrial radio.

Highlighted songs: Last Days Of Analog, Make It, Happy Now

Very recently, NEPA-based band Graces Downfall called it a collective career after 12 years and three albums, with the various members spinning off into two different cover band units. Their breakup this past February left a small void in the otherwise vibrant Wilkes-Barre/Scranton original music scene, but there’s no denying the impact that Graces Downfall had on that very same scene. Their third and final album Change. Adjust. Continue, which was funded mostly by a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, ends their discography on a creative high note with their trademark blend of heavy riffs, stready rhythms, and anthemic vocal melodies.

Highlighted songs: Letter To Lainey, Jesus Crutch, Strumpets

Of course the producer forgot to include:

Dammit! has been playing the San Francisco Bay area (and beyond!)
music scene for over 10 years. Originating from the basement of
guitar thrasher John Gillette, the goal was to start a band that had the
sound of Metallica and the heart of Alice in Chains; a mixture of Punk,
Rock/Metal and Grunge; and John Gillette did just that.

Featuring Darker and Darker

Eric Gibson is an Austin, TX recording artist who writes, performs and produces his own unique brand of Alternative music. Eric was born in Richmond, VA, and raised in the mean streets of Gainesville, FL. He has been playing guitar, a variety of stringed instruments and keyboard since the early 90’s. He has performed music, theatrical poetry readings, and performance art in venues all over Florida, DC, and Virginia.

Featuring Ocean Rolling