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analogOne night in 2010, Liz Bills awoke from a dream with a vision to start her own band. The next morning Liz put an ad on Craigslist and after a few wacky auditions she found lead guitarist and Berklee grad Jesse Cohen and 17-year-old drummer Austin Ferrante, forming the nucleus of Analog Heart. In 2012 the trio went on to record their first self-titled EP with Scott Riebling, former bassist for Letters to Cleo, and began gigging all over New England. Later that year Liz Bills Berklee herself, competed in American Idol and placed in the top 30 females in Hollywood. Liz shared the stage with legendary icons Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Nicki Manaj. Analog Heart went on to share the stage with such acts as Will Dailey, Saving Abel, Gary Hoey, The Brew, Kellie Picklier, Danielle Bradbery and Angie Miller. Analog Heart performed as a trio up until 2015 when they invited one-time frontman for the band Leaders Led Guy Jerry to join the group as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Analog Heart has had a bassist curse, having had 8 different players over the years, but currently performs live with prerecorded bass tracks, nicknamed “Greg”. The mythical Greg is a great member of the group who is very reliable and doesn’t take up much room in the car on long road trips. In 2016 Analog Heart released their first full-length album, titled “Sun Here I Come.”

“When energy and raw talent collide, you find yourself listening to the memorable, ear-catching tunes of a band like Boston-based Analog Heart. Liz Bills’ vocals soar over her bandmates’ powerhouse sound, a hearty blend of indie rock with a touch of pop, and together they create music that is distinctly all their own.” –

“Liz’s voice is outstanding with great range, going from lovely and sweet to rough and powerful. Get out and see this band if they are playing a venue near you, they have an amazing sound.” – Granite Coast Entertainment

“Analog Heart is a vocal-driven stone rope that facilities Bills, drummer Austin Ferrante of Littleton and guitarist Jesse Cohen of Westborough.” – massachusetts news

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