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LadySharkLadyshark are a 2-piece, stripped-back, rock duo using guitar loops, FX, vocals and drums. Sarah is on guitar/guitar loops/lead vocals and Jane is on drums/back up vocals. There’s a dark, art-rock edge to Ladyshark’s sound with a distinct riot grrrl flavour. The debut release “Monsters” is available on Bandcamp.

Ladyshark were formerly Anu Sava. Anu Sava started out as a solo project from Sarah Vardy, front woman of Australian rock band Girl With Cake. Anu Sava has grown into a 2 piece with Sarah Vardy on vocals/guitar and award-winning percussionist Jane Boxall on drums.

The first album BURIED was released in August 2013, which was a solo exploration into EDM crossed with folk music. The second experiment the ‘Lickety Split’ EP, delved into the
queer-country genre and was unleashed in 2014.


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