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In this section we feature the bands that are featured on LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz.

This week is Recreator  – Out of chaos comes the order that is Recreator, a Passionate and Energetic band sculpted in the image of the Grunge era, by the hands of the new age.  The band is from Mt.Gambier, South Australia. It’s a small city of 25,000 people built on the side of a dormant volcano, where it is cold and rains for 8 months of the year. It’s famous for the Blue Lake that magically turns blue every spring until the end of summer.

RecreatorOut of chaos comes the order that is Recreator, a Passionate and Energetic band sculpted in
the image of the Grunge/Alternative rock era, by the hands of the new age. The Mount
Gambier based band have been gigging in the South East of South Australia where fans are
excited by their big energy on stage, and are always found wanting more.
Releasing their first album in 2015, self-titled Recreator, their music is described as Raw,
Angsty, Catchy, Melodic, Cathartic, and Honest. “Influenced by bands from the 1990’s they
manage to take those influences and spin them into something that sounds both new and
familiar at the same time”.-
With their album being picked up by radio stations internationally, such as SkyHigh Radio,
CrankIt-Up and The Indie Authority, this is an exciting time for Recreator, with many more
gigs planned to come in 2016.
Formed in late 2014, Recreator is influenced by such bands as Nirvana, Silverchair and
Tool Vocalist Maynard Keenan, just to name a few, and are made up of 3 members, Nathan
Jenner (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Newell (Drums), and Jesse Berkefeld (Bass), they are longtime
friends who have been brought back together through their love of writing Grunge
tunes, and jamming together. “From a very early age we found writing as a way of
expressing our feelings and emotions, life experiences and philosophies. We believe
Grunge is a style that people still long to hear, allowing us the ultimate freedom to express,
as it is not bound by rules and laws of the established”. – Recreator vocalist Nathan Jenner
“Fans of the genre will instantly be able to relate to the sound, the song writing and the
passion, if you like Hard Rocking Grunge/Alternative music, you won’t be disappointed”.-

Check out the song: Stay Silent

How did you come up with the song name?

It has a double edged meaning. In the opening verses it says “why can’t you stay silent? Are you choking from the violence?” About being shocked and outraged at the moral decay that’s happening in society today, but also Stay Silent, as in were not allowed to speak our true minds anymore on the way of the world and where it’s heading, because of things like political Correctness.

What’s the song about?

The song is about the end of the world, about moral decay setting in in society, about us destroying the planet, and everyone just ignoring it all and blocking it out with alcohol etc. and if we don’t change the direction we’re heading then it will spell the end for us on earth.

Any personal meanings, who wrote it?

Our drummer Chris Newell wrote the guitar and drums to it, Jesse wrote the bass, and I wrote the lyrics. It’s personal as in its my deep thoughts on the current state of society and the planet, I can see how much the world has got worse since I was a child.

 Greed and selfishness are destroying society
Go ahead and check em out

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