In The Cellar – Retrofeelya

RETROFEELYA is an energetic call to the past days of rock and roll, with a modern feel.

1653571_10152991467476088_8338177613037260931_nTogether they’ve created a unique sound that captures the energy and emotion that rock music has lost these days. Everyone in RETROFEELYA agrees that their mission is to never let rock fade away and they want to renew the world’s interest in Rock n’ Roll.

RETROFEELYA formed in early 2014, and began working on their debut album “Future Disease” which was released in Spring of 2015. The rest of the year was spent promoting “Future Disease” and later released their first EP “The Spot” featuring a self-titled track and their new single, “Moonstruck”. They have been working on a new album since, which is set to be released in Summer 2016.


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