Before You Invite Me to Like Your Facebook Page

Tonight we have a great article brought to you by …..Rule of advice if your on a social media platform of Spitfire’s you best start adhering to this otherwise, your going bye bye. 

Facebook-Thumbs-DownSo you have a new Facebook page to announce your latest whatever it is you’re doing this week. Hey, I’m cool with that. I know that it sucks to create a social profile and have no one like it and I’m always happy to help my friends. Social media is a numbers game and no one wants to hang out on a page with only 10 Likes. I get it, really I do. I just wish I heard from you other times and not only when you want me to Like or share your stuff.

Before you send anyone an invitation to Like your Facebook page, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I interact with this person on a regular basis, or ever? If the answer is “no,” don’t send a Facebook page invite.
  • When this person requests I like his/her stuff, do I? If someone has asked you to Like his/her stuff and you just roll your eyes or ignore the request, probably you shouldn’t ask that person to Like your Facebook page.
  • Did I use the “unfollow but stay Facebook friends” option so I can’t see the other person’s updates? Yeah, no.
  • Do I respond to this person’s emails, comments, phone messages, or other attempts to engage? Dude. Not cool. Don’t send an invite.
  • Will I spend time with this person at a conference or meetup beyond a quick hello? If you can’t be bothered to spend 15 minutes catching up, don’t send an invite.
  • Do I reach out to this person from time to time to say “hello?”  If you only call on this person when you need him or her, don’t send an invite. One way relationships rarely work.
  • Do I even like this person? Then why are you even Facebook friends in the first place?

This goes beyond Facebook pages too. Don’t send me LinkedIn or Twitter DM’s about your new product launch if you don’t seem to know who I am any other time. Don’t ask me to retweet your message, or hit me up for money for your latest cause if you can’t see fit to respond to my comments or attempts to say “hello.”

I want all of my friends to succeed and I enjoy helping them in any way I can. However, if I’m not someone you can be bothered with when you don’t need me, please don’t ask me to Like or share your stuff. Using people isn’t cool.

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