***Breaking News, For Immediate Release*** Juggernaut ,

***Breaking News, For Immediate Release***
JUGGERNAUT proudly welcomes The Indie Authority & Insane Realm Radio networks to our family as official business sponsors of JUGGERNAUT Promotions! These dynamite radio networks are based out of Scranton, PA and the home for heavy rock – heavy metal bands to be heard.
JuggernautWe will be officially working with the show “LIVEWIRE” with LadySpitfire and Kickazz. JUGGERNAUT Promotions will be directing their rock & metal bands to send their MP3’s for air play & get scheduled for interviews with LIVEWIRE!!!

The Indie Authority/Insane Realm Radio (Scranton, PA)
TIA – http://www.theindieauthority.com/
Mobile Tune in – http://www.theindieauthority.com/
IRR – http://insanerealmradio.com/
Mobile Tune in – http://tunein.com/radio/Insane-Realm-Radio-s156529/
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