Breaking News – 2 become one.

Yep. It’s true. We have joined forces with Insane Realm Radio, that being said the music that’s currently aired on The Indie Authority, will be no more on 2/19.

Embrace The Madness
Embrace The Madness

For Immediate Release

Yesterday I posted right here on my personal Facebook page “Coming soon….. Surprises galore.”

Well it is now time to reveal that surprise. Starting Friday February 19, 2016. The Indie Authority’s radio station will officially be called Insane Realm Radio.

IRR as it is known to those who have been long time fans, features Hard Rock and Metal from the independent and mainstream scenes. This is all we will play going forward and we invite you to check out our great shows such as Livewire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz, The Women of Metal Radio Show, Do You Know Jack Radio Show, The Twisted Mind Radio Show and many others.

I would like to thank our wonderful owner Glynn D. Murphy and LadySpitfire for everything they are doing in an attempt to make TIA and IRR the biggest and best authority on not only hard rock and metal, but the independent scene too.

While something’s are changing others will be expanding. There will be more music reviews, more ways to access TIA and the world of Rock and Metal. We’ll have a brand new streaming server. Brand new mobile apps on the way and much much more.

You will also see a return of The Metal Zoo in the very near future, plus tons of great new programming coming your way.
We’re so excited about the future of these two great names together. JUST WAIT!!!!

Eve Lynn ~Station Manager

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