Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – A New Way To Live Forever

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a new way to live foreverA New Way To Live Forever: Rumoura


From the deep Southern region of Fort Lauderdale, Florida comes a light, yet catchy and entertaining group called A New Way To Live Forever. With a major nod to pop-rock icons, Kings of Leon, these gentlemen create memorable tunes for any time of the year, and fitting of any environment.

From the opening track to the closer, Monkey in the Middle, expect a decent collection of smooth flowing alternative rock to take upon a drive through town. Upbeat riffs and catchy rhythms aplenty, no song is a let down.   The only real downside is that it is a very short album, spanning less than 25 minutes.

The mix is quite clean and no instrument is overpowering. The guitars are lightly overdriven to give each song an edge to their pop/alternative rock style. The drumming is solid and has no hints of any sort of showing off. Bass grooves are easily discernable, and the occasional acoustic guitar lining the back even out Rumoura’s sound.

A New Way To Live Forever are most likely still trying to find their overall direction, as this release is short, but I can see potential in this group to make a breakout in no time.  For a decent price, this album can easily make it into my own collection.








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