Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – Aghori: Transcending the Illusion


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Aghori: Transcending the Illusion
By Dj Josh

What we have here is a decent slab of West Coast Melodic Death Metal from San Diego, California.

Aghori’s Transcending the Illusion begins loud and relentless as Turn the Page is a sonic assault from the get-go. Tom Page and Jason Smith’s guitars have a heavy crunch that has just enough distortion without looking like they’re trying too hard (which they aren’t).
De-frag has a killer melody throughout that leaves the listener in anticipation of what will happen next. There are also a few guitar fills throughout the song that help bridge each section flawlessly.
The album closes with The Inevitable, a track that fittingly ends this debut with a bang. A bit more mid-paced, this closer leaves the listener with a definite feeling of satisfaction and hungry for the next material.
With lightning fast tracks and a sound all their own that holds bonfires to their major label counterparts, Aghori is a force to be reckoned with. Throughout the Album we are treated to a balance of clean and harsh singing, tight blast-beat drumming, twin guitar barrages and a slick bass line. Production is solid and little is left unturned.
Though yet relatively unknown, Aghori will rise above the mediocre masses and become the melodeath act that this world deserves. I would certainly recommend this group to anyone into bands like Avenie, Karlahan or Euphoreon.

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