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Amity In FameAmity in Fame: Dinner for One
By DJ Joshua Lehr

In the world of indie music, there are a number of acts of varying styles. Some take notes from big names; others try to form their own niche by adopting and adapting lesser-known forms of playing. Yet once in a while there is the truly unique band that stands out from the others. One such band is Amity in Fame, from Linz, Austria.

Self-described as “Powerful Acoustic Rock”, AiF create a dark and mysterious atmosphere with brooding vocals, and a trance-inducing drum line. What sets these guys apart from other rock groups is as their proclaimed style suggests. They have foregone the electric six-strings in favor of arming themselves with acoustic guitars, and with this exchange, they have quite possibly broke new ground in the way of rock music.

The mix on the album is of pristine quality without being over the top. The fact that acoustic guitars are the main driving force allows for much clearer vocals, and the bass is set at an ideal level.

There are no real weak tracks on this album. From “Amity We Should Give” to “Touching Your Breath”, Dinner for One is an innovative approach to the world of rock, and is sure to stand the test of time. Stay tuned to this band, ad you will not be disappointed!



The band formed in May 2008 and soon after recorded their debut album ‘Dinner for One’, which was self-recorded, self-mastered and also produced by the band at zero-budget. It was released in July 2008 and has become one of the most downloaded albums ever on Jamendo, with over 40,000 album downloads and over 500.000 plays worldwide. Also, the band received two Jamendo awards from the community there – in the categories ‘Rock’ and ‘Experimental’.

In January 2009, Amity in Fame released its first low budget music video to the song ‘Dinner for One’ which received around 100,000 views on YouTube and also got regular airplay on one of Central Europe’s biggest music channels, GoTV. Less than a year after the band’s first rehearsal, they had already appeared on numerous European radio stations, music blogs and compilation albums and achieved rank five in one of Europe’s biggest band contests, the International Live Award with over 1,000 contestants from 8 nations and playing in front of over 5,000 people in the course of this contest. The debut album ‘Dinner for One’ is one of the most successful Creative Commons albums to date and it has also been aired by Rammstein via the PA before the band’s concerts since 2009, increasing the listenership of Amity in Fame by some hundred thousand listeners. Also, the songs of Amity in Fame have been used in over 600 YouTube videos, in both professional and amateur productions.

In 2012, the band signed with Graviton Music Services, founded by Menno Kappe (ex-Roadrunner Records) and Aleksandra Grofelnik and where, after the sales from Roadrunner Records to the Warner Music Group, a number of former Roadrunner employees from all over Europe joined their ranks. Amity in Fame released their second album ‘Through’ via Graviton in September 2012. According to the band, the second album represents a new level of ‘powerful acoustic rock’ (the band’s self-titled style) with which Amity in Fame wants to lure their listeners into a world of unique sound and picturesque fantasies. The album has been praised by reviewers from the progressive, alternative and metal genre and it is well received by their fans.

Currently, the band is working on a music video for the “Burning the witch”. The video will be released in 2014. More music videos to songs of the new album are planned. Also, the band is working on new songs.

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