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Another VendettaAnother Vendetta Review
by DJ Josh Lehr

Another Vendetta’s debut “Consecrate” is nothing short of an album full of mayhem and chaos. This is perhaps the hardest hitting album I’ve reviewed yet. I rarely listen to death metal, but these guys are something to be beheld!
The guitars chug along in aggressive riffing with almost classical/shred inspired solos, such as the one found in the song “A Midnight Lust”. The drums are very snare-laden, but that is to be expected of such a genre played by these Atlantic City metalheads. The vocals range from the deeper end of guttural grunts to almost black metal shrieks.
What can I say? Consecrate is a punishing loud album and as with extreme metal, no compromises are to be found in the overall delivery. However, it does seem to be a short album for eight songs. The mix and mastering on the album are quite professional sounding despite being self-produced. This is definitely a CD worth checking out if you are a fan of The Black Dahlia Murder.

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