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anyones guessAnyone’s Guess
By Dj Josh Lehr

Point: Counterpoint is an interesting release, in that it is a double album, which, from my experience with musicians, is not very common. What we have with the Florida rockers is a relatively fresh take on alternative rock with a modern twist. What also makes this double album a different package is the second disc of acoustic versions of hard rock songs delivered on disc one. As such this review will be divided into two parts: Part one will be disc one and part two will be disc 2.

Disc One:

The first CD of this double album, titled “Point” begins with a solid opening track, “Scarred”. It begins with an overdrive heavy lead and powerful drumming. Unfortunately the bass guitar is enveloped by the distortion laden six-string. The third track, “I Call You” is a bit lighter fare, with a reverb filled clean tone and less distorted guitar that actually delivers a more emotional drive to keep with the mood of the overall song. “Reaction” is easily the most distorted song I’ve heard on a rock album. There is a bit too much overdrive and fuzz pedal effect used on this track, and it seems, at least in my view, like Anyone’s Guess tried to be heavier than what they are. Closing out the first disc is the mid paced outro titled “Break”. This one is a bit unevenly mixed. “Break” begins quiet in the first half but then becomes loud later on, and the vocals are both up front and relegated to the rear simultaneously.


Disc Two:

The acoustic disc is titled “Counterpoint” and as it’s name suggests, is a sort of answer and even a literal opposite to the hard and driving forces of “Point”. Counterpoint is not a shot for shot remake of the first disc, as there are various nuances that set it apart. Sanja’s vocals are noticeably quieter here than earlier. The drumming is far lighter and bass is actually absent this time around. “Counterpoint” shows that even a rock artist can have a soft side and still deliver a powerful performance.

While this is their first output, there is definitely something to this band that could make them a hopefully major name in the future. Recommended for fans of alternative rock and pop punk. Standout tracks: “Scarred” and “I Call You”.


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