Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – Drowning Pool

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Drowning Pool – Hellelujah
By Dj Josh Lehr

Dallas, Texas’s DrowninDrowning Poolg Pool is no stranger to anyone…ANYWHERE! Known for their attitude, integrity, and above all, consistently killer tunes, these US rockers have no signs of going away anytime soon.


Hellelujah is Drowning Pool’s sixth outing, and this album is all rock and no stink.  Opening with the pummeling onslaught, titled “Push”, you get only a glimpse of the heaviness that is to ensue. The next track, “By The Blood” is one of the standouts of this album. With a smooth flow and a hard driving riff, this track will be one to stand the test of time. “Hell to Pay” is a slightly mellower offering, but still delivers in usual Drowning Pool style. “Another Name” is an almost entirely acoustic piece giving a slight break in the hard rock attack that is the rest of the album. This track has a very Alice in Chains feel, showing off the ability of the band to diversify and retain their sound simultaneously. Closing out the album is the almost hardcore punk styled track “All Saints Day”, showing that not all albums have to close out on a soft note.

As with many major band, the production of this album is very clean with little unturned. The guitars are front and center, ripping through every track like paper. The drums are bombastic without being overpowered. Bass is a little buried at times, but still audible. Despite having changed vocalists a few times, the current one, Jasen Moreno, keeps the tradition of clean vocals and rock shouts quite well.

The latest Drowning Pool is definitely worth the buy for any serious fan of this band or any modern and alternative rock in general.




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