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Lamb of God Cd Cover

Lamb of God: VII Sturm und Drang
By Dj Josh

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia comes one of the bigger names in the world of metal: Lamb of God.

Their album VII: Sturm und Drang, aptly named being their seventh full length, opens with a blistering groove riff from Mark Morton and Willie Adler, and Randy Blythe’s signature vocals come in full force. Still Echoes, the lead track, is a glimpse of what lies ahead for this whole album: relentless metal and no reprieve for the eardrums!
The song “512”, leads with a dissonant harmony and the spoken intro is as hard hitting as Randy’s consistently intense roars. This particular track is slightly closer to metalcore, but those in the know should not be surprised, as Lamb of God are a fusion of groove metal (ala Pantera) and metalcore.
“Embers” begins slightly lo-fi, but then swings into high gear with a headbang worthy double bass by drum maestro Chris Adler, brother of guitarist Willie. Listeners are also handed a surprise with guest vocals by Chino Moreno of Deftones fame.
The mix on this album is quite polished as everything stands out and nothing is left compromised. The album has been designed to be loud and in your face, leaving the listener satisfied by the Virginia quintet’s metallic onslaught.
Lamb of God have proven themselves worthy of their place as one of the top names in metal, and I don’t see these guys letting up anytime soon.

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