Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – Scarlet Anger

.One of many to come in the world of CD Reviews, DJ Josh Lehr’s work is exploding.  Proud to presentScarlet AngerScarlet Anger – Freak Show
By Dj Josh Lehr

Hailing from across the pond, in the small country of Luxembourg, comes a thrash metal band with a different approach to their content on their second album.  Instead of the usual lyrics of societal ills, political landscapes, rebellion and war typical of thrash, Scarlet Anger is fuelled by old school sci-fi, horror, and comic books. Make no mistake; though the lyrical content is unusual for this genre, this band makes no compromises with their sound whatsoever.
Opening this album is a Middle East inspired riff from the lead track, Awakening of the Elder God. Unrelenting and mysterious, this song weaves a spell of suspense over the listener, as each passage is unpredictable, making him or her guess at every corner. The Thing Without A Name begins with an epic clean guitar sound before kicking into gear with signature speed and aggression, with a killer chorus effect in the solo. The magnum opus within this uniquely inspired album is the massive track, The Haunted Place-House of Lost Souls. Clocking in at a whopping thirty-three minutes, this song could easily fit onto a progressive metal album of your choice. This track just sucks you in, and before long, you have no idea how much time has passed until it’s over. Closing out the album is the ripping track, Deadly Red Riding Hood. Led by (perhaps) Kreator inspired riffs and off the hook drumming, the final track more than satisfies.
With aggressive guitar work, insane vocals, and the freshest drumming I’ve heard in a long time, Freak Show is absolutely an album worthy of my time and collection. Stand aside, Bay Area thrash; European titans are coming to town!

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