Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – Spreading the Disease: Viral EP

One of many to come in the world of CD Reviews, DJ Josh Lehr’s work is exploding.  Proud to present Spreading the Disease: Viral EP

Spreading The DiseaseBio: “Spreading the disease” is a contemporary metal band, the baby of “Steve Saunders” (ex bassist of “The Self titled”). The band is based in KENT. UK. Born in late 2014.

Having spent five good years with the above mentioned band Steve decided to move on and create a band that allowed for a different approach to both band policy and creativeness. Almost immediately and by sheer coincidence making contact with “Edd Saunders” through a dear friend. Edd offered his services as Drummer for the band. It very soon became apparent that Edd is a great addition to the band being a very versatile and experienced musician indeed who fitted the writing style perfectly.
Next on the list is “Julien Riquelme”. Ju made it clear he wanted to be the lead guitarist. We soon found out why. He’s a very talented musician who’s worked with the band pretty much from the start. Bringing crazy exotic scales and twisted harmonies, he has shown his knack for creating riffs and flair which make the songs complete and stand out. In essence gives them that extra “Je ne sais quoi !”.Writing began approximatively eight months ago which developed into some very original tracks with widespread influence ranging from Pantera, Kill or be killed and Stone sour to Slipknot, Machinehead, Breed 77 and many more. The band’s music is contemporary and modern with amazing riffs, hooks and licks multi layered full of groove that hit you like a freight train.Clearly the band needs a rhythm guitarist too to enhance the sound and allow Ju to explore further. The band found him in the shape of “Martin Osborne” who had been working with Steve for a few months elsewhere. Steve felt that Martin was the right man for the job and having joined the line-up approximatively two months ago he has become an integral part of the band and song writing team with fresh slick ideas that have added even more heaviness and groove to the band’s music.Finally after much searching, auditioning and persistence the last link to the machine was found in the form of “Adam May”. The band was looking for a singer with presence, aggressiveness and stance who can command a stage and the crowd. A voice full of anger and rage that is no nonsense in your face. Balls out vocals that put the point across full stop.”Spreading the disease” are currently recording a two tracks single to introduce the band, aiming to start performing live around October/November 2015 and are looking to record the band’s debut album early new year with a view to securing some festival slots and shows for 2016. Catch them on the road soon to see their full on metal onslaught live and loud!

Review: Abrasive, loud, and in your face can describe only one thing: the Viral EP by Spreading the Disease. This Kent, UK outfit delivers some quite punishing metal and to them, the phrase “ease up” does not exist.
The opening track, whose title is basically telling someone off (keeping it clean for site purposes), is thrashy groove of simple, yet catchy guitar work and circling drums. The next song, “Lost Generation” recalls 90s Pantera with a fresh take on the groove metal sound. “Bulldozer” has some slightly slower moments, but the brutality that Spreading the Disease seeks to convey is still there. Closing out the EP is the cliffhanger feeling inducing “Evolution”. With an interesting blend of spoken parts, clean and harsh vocals, and unrelenting power, you’ll feel like you want more music from these guys…and soon!
Viral, while short, is more than a taste of what this band is capable of doing. There are no compromises here, as these UK metal heads bombard the listener with a pure sonic assault. Everything is heavy, hard hitting, and this EP is far from forgettable. Keep an eye on these guys, for we could very well have a redefinition of the word “heavy” on our hands!

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