Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – The Aesthetic: Abandoned Homes

One of many to come in the world of CD Reviews, DJ Josh Lehr’s work is exploding.  Proud to presenttheaestheticmusicCD Review – The Aesthetic: Abandoned Homes
By DJ Josh Lehr

Seattle, Washington’s The Aesthetic brings us a lighter fare of metalcore with elements of modern punk along the lines of Taking Back Sunday and The Used.  Unlike most metalcore acts, The Aesthetic focuses more on clean vocals and even has some ambient touches throughout their debut EP.

For a new band, the mix and mastering quality are quite decent, yet there’s also a homemade feel, as though it was self-produced.

From “Ten Thousand Screens” to “Come Home to Me”, this EP delivers on a major scale, but with a few slight drawbacks. Reverb-filled guitar work lines the whole album, while solid drumming, albeit cymbal-heavy picks up the rear. Powerful, soul filled clean vocals flow seamlessly throughout with only a few screams in the lead track, and the bass is buried beneath the six-string, nearly inaudible.

With enough effort and a more closely analyzed mix, The Aesthetic could very well produce a solid full-length in the future. Anyone that is looking for something new and promising in this style of music would do himself or herself a favor by buying this EP. Personally, I look forward to new material.

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