well, I jotted down some stuff during my 1st listen then revised with my second. Here are my initial thoughts. I like the intro guitar and the spoken word. I feel it sets a somber yet hopeful tone. (if that makes sense… LOL) I can see the “Whoa-Ohs” in the chorus being a great sing along live. Its a decent hook there. VERY nice guitar solo! Lyrics are good and don’t come across as too trite or hokey especially when its a self empowerment/ bettering my self through hard work kind of song. I would have liked to hear more harmonies in the vocals (My personal taste) but I do like the melody. The drums have a very BIG 80s rock sound to them which works for the song. I didnt expect that sound and I was actually happy to hear a kind of “throwback” sound when it kicked in. With that said, and I’m Not sure if they are triggers / programmed or what but there are some minor issues with the “groove.” It kind of slips here and there. Nothing that is killing the song for me and most people will overlook it or not even notice it. Although there is nothing overly daring in the song structure I think its a decent straight forward mid tempo rock tune with a good Anthem-like sing along chorus.

Listen to it yourself, and tell me what you think