Girls Girls Girls: The Crüe Lives On

While the close of 2015 saw the departure of the relentless Mötley Crüe, their spirit carries on in the form of all-woman tribute group Girls Girls Girls. Formed in 2007, these women first got their start performing at a strip club in New Jersey. Over the next two years they would open for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Webster Hall, NYC, play a mixed media show with Chuck Klosterman at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, appear on VH1’s “That Metal Show”, and play Shamrockfest at RFK Stadium.
The first inceptions of the band came in 2005 when Nikita Seis went to a Mötley Crüe concert at Madison Square Garden when the whole arena began singing the classic hit “Home Sweet Home”. One hundred GGG shows later, the moment was relived at the Gramercy Theater.
After 2009, the Girls took a break and would not be heard from again until 2012 when they played a reunion show. Since the reunion they have been packing venues and slaying audiences with their take on the gritty sounds of the original Mötley Crüe. They then were added to the Main Stage lineup of Rock Jam in Grand Junction, Colorado and opened for major acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hinder and Korn. These women even had a chance to play the opening kickoff party for Rock Jam 2013, thereby solidifying their position as a highly sought after tribute group. In 2014, they were featured in an article and on the cover of an issue of The Village Voice’s Fall Preview and completed their first international tour in Mexico.
These ladies cover all eras of Mötley Crüe musically without sticking to any one look. They continue to deliver the grit of the originals while maintaining their personalities and adding a feminine flirtatiousness to create their own experience at each show. The tried and true Mötley Crüe may be over, but their legacy will endure and their spirit will never die.

Here’s where to check em out.

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