Up Close and On Fire – Episode 2 – Harley K of Shadowburn

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This week LadySpitfire presents

ShadowburnShadowBurn is a mix of heavy riffs and funky sounds. The band is comprised of unique members, each from very different backgrounds of music. They bring energy, originality, fun, and hard work to each of their songs..  Playing for the sake and appreciation of music.

Here’s the Interview with Harley K of Shadowburn


Mike, Darren, Dave, Harley, & Nicki come from very different backgrounds of music. Some members are currently working on other projects and bands as well. Together, their individual styles shine and mix to create a strong and original sound.

Mike Kessell (Bassist) hails from Mount Savage, Maryland. His influences include Incubus, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones and more. His style is driven by heavy funk, alternative rock, metal, rhythm & blues, and an eclectic mix of underground artists.

Darren Johnson (Guitarist) hails from Mount Savage, Maryland. He and his family currently reside in Frostburg, MD. Darren is a music child of the 90’s with favorites including Tool, Slipknot, Corey Taylor, Deftones, Taproot, and more. His style has been nick-named “Math Metal” by fellow musicians as his riffs come out heavy and full of emotion.

Harley Kuhn (Guitarist,Vocals) lives in Cumberland, Maryland with his family. He is professionally trained as a Trumpet player, but decided he wanted to expand his horizons as a musician. He started playing guitar in Dec. 2010. He is self-taught. He plays numerous instruments, but feels that being behind a guitar and mic. allows him to express his feelings and emotions at their fullest. His musical influences include SLASH, KISS, Steve Via, Led Zepplin, Louie Armstrong, Rush, Alice Cooper, and The Beatles . “Music is kind of like riding a Harley compared to a Honda. It doesn’t matter the make of the bike; it just matters that you’re riding”- Harley . As a child Harley didn’t even know that music was an option. He use to sit and watch old KISS concerts on TV, after watching those, That is what he chose to do for the rest of his life.

David Green (Drummer) hails from Charleston, South Carolina and currently resides in Cumberland, Maryland with his family. He has a strong musical background both as a lead singer and a drummer across the East Coast. He likes energetic and dynamic heavy rock music such as artists like Godsmack, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, Seven Mary Three, and more. His style is sewn in alternative rock with an exquisite feel for emotional changes and bridges in each song.

Here’s the latest interview with Harley K, guitarist of the band, along with some of their recent performances


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