In The Cellar – Dreamers LIke Us

Dreamers Like Us consists of
Vocals/Guitar: Tony Malec, Guitar: Dane St. Duran, Bass: Matt Redick, Drums: Greg “G.g.” Lynch.  Originally the band had formed together as an Experimental / Post-Hardcore / Metal band with former vocalist Zack Olaes fronting the group. However things didn’t go as the group had planned. A few months in to the life of the bands existence vocalist Zack announced his departure leaving an open vocals position. With many submissions regarding the open slot, auditions were in effect.
After many auditions of talented scream vocalists, something still seamed very off. It then became very clear; the genre the band was seeking didn’t exactly suit everyones true personal interests. After a few jam sessions trying different techniques and styles, the heart and foundation of the group was finally discovered. This, still leaving an open vocalist position only now leaning toward a talented clean singing vocalist. Long time friend and former band mate of drummer Greg, Tony Malec was introduced. An audition was offered and accepted. Tony showed up to one of the bands practices with acoustic guitar in hand and wind pipes ready to rip. “Serenade us Tony” Greg blurt out loud, and that’s exactly what he did.
The band worked with the new vocalist incorporating his singing and lyrics to a previously structured instrumental song forming the bands first Single “The Lost Ones”. A few months down the road rhythm guitarist Stephen had announced his departure as well due to personal issues which had led to vocalist Tony filling the rhythm guitar position along with vocals. From there on out, the group had set a path of guidelines and goals they hope to achieve in the life time of the band adopting more as they grow.
Everybody has a dream that motivates them. It could be that you dream of being a famous athlete, an author, a movie star, a teacher, an artist, a role model, or a great parent. Regardless of what it is, chase after it. This band is their dream, and they are chasing it.

Here’s the latest video we captured of them at the Afa Gallery




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Stay tuned – Interview with Matt, The Bassist , coming soon to an adventure near you.

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