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ITFThe Maryland hard rockers in Ignite The Fire have become a defining presence in the East Coast music scene. Formed in 2011, they have done countless shows both big and small bringing their style and sound to music fans spanning generations. In 2014, they have had their music featured on radio at Baltimore Maryland’s 98 Rock in their independent music series, Noise in the Basement. The band also performed at their first festival show, where they were the featured artist at the first-ever Operation Rock Fest opening for top national acts such as Pop Evil, Nonpoint, Saving Abel, Gemini Syndrome, Like A Storm, and many others.

In 2015, they added to their long list as supporting band for such national bands as Smile Empty Soul, The Dreaming (Chris Hall from Stabbing Westward), Andrew W.K., Hoobastank, Almost Kings, Islander, Heartist, Virgin Marys, as well as such up and coming bands including Super Bob, Bobaflex, Shallow Side, Blameshift, Defending Cain, More To Monroe, Guns Out At Sundown, Silvertung, Another Lost Year, Lansdowne, Prospect Hill, Screaming For Silence, and international acts Crashdiet and Crucified Barbara.

With exposure came the prospect of upping the ante, expanding their regional influence, and busting out a debut release rooted in hard rock with a signature spin. The result would be Ignite The Fire’s self-titled debut EP featuring three hard hitting and melodic songs. The quintet – vocalist Jack Gurecki, guitarists Mark Quinn and Michael Nelson, former bassist Dean Kidd, and drummer Caelan Gregory – sought not only to create hard rock songs, but also a sense of variety. “We wanted three songs that could stand apart but could be easily identifiable as our own.” noted Gurecki. This case is made clear from start to finish. From “Second To None’s” adrenaline-rushed, fuel-injected ride to “Living The Lie’s” powerhouse of groove and soaring melodies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and come back for more.

A strong emphasis was made towards not only the musical aspect of writing, but the lyrical aspect as well. “There’s been a step away in striving to write lyrically inspiring songs in recent years.” says Gregory. “We wanted songs to pull at emotions; songs that could reflect mood and inspire.” A wide array of themes are touched upon within the lyrics; from “Second To None’s” push to fight for what you believe in to “Voyeur’s” message of overcoming addiction.

Probably the most divergent song off the EP is the concluding song “Voyeur”. Set as the first single, “Voyeur” is a culmination of everything Ignite The Fire wished to achieve with their debut release. Coupled with thick guitars, a hard hitting rhythm, and a catchy chorus, “Voyeur” is destined to be a hit that will have everyone singing along.

Ignite The Fire’s hard work and tenacity to make great rock music comes full circle with their debut EP. Coupled with their intense and energetic live shows, the band plans to release with full force what they can do and help solidify themselves as not only a powerful rock band, but an act not to be missed.

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