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Growling guitars, compelling drums, trembling bass, and shiver-inducing lyrics; Malion imposes his grit into his harrowing rock sound waves.

Malion, built on the foundation of garage rock and hard rock, started in the small confines of Benjamin Rohrer’s basement in Missoula, MT. Prisoner of My Own Conscious, issued in Febrary 2014, was Malion’s first mixtape released into the sonic ether. Following this initial release, Malion quickly began production on his second album, Sucker EP. The Sucker EP, containing the hit single “Cowboy,” was produced and released at a break-neck speed of one month.

After several months of live performance to hone his sound, Malion began work on his next album Phantom LP, which was released in June 2015 with an extended music video produced and directed by Malion.

Check out their video Your Move

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