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We are a three piece rock band from Los Angeles, CA, and we are all brothers, well god brothers technically, but Keaton and Kacey are brothers from the same mother. Our sound has been described as something along the lines of if Weezer and Jimi Hendrix had a musical love child, a psychedelic Green Day of sorts. We fuse a lot of the raw and psychedelic rock and roll elements of the 60s with the upbeat and straight forward rock of the 90s. We released our debut EP in May of this year, which has been getting some airtime on indie and college radio. We are about to record our first full length album once we finish our September tour up the west coast, where we are playing in Berkeley, Eureka, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.  We rented a soccer mom style mini van and everything! We are also in the mixing stages for a new political inspired single we have called “American New Low” which we are super excited to release. Beyond all that, we are in pre production on a few music videos for our debut EP, “The Pilot EP” and preparing to record our first full length album this fall! I guess we’re pretty busy, which is an awesome thing. It’s nice to be busy with something you love to do.  Making some video content is definitely an important frontier for us, something we think can really expand on the reach of our band, not just with music videos on Youtube but also during our live show through the use of projection. So, video production is very high on our priorities list right now. We also want to incorporate the use of vinyl in our new releases, and compile more and more artwork for the creation of stickers and shirts and whatever else might be cool. Other than that, just gonna keep playing out in our home of Los Angeles, hopefully making new fans and friends, and staying out of trouble with the law. Pay your parking tickets on time! They always find you in the end.

Check out their video – Hurting For You

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