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Tai Sui began as a concept hatched in 2015 by partners and central songwriters Alexis and Churv. Whilst having a seasoned writing relationship established already, Alexis and Churv had a vision of a live act that could incorporate a no-rules approach to structure, genre and performance.

Tai SuiAfter numerous demo recordings and months of hard work, the right mix of individuals came together from Alexis and Churvs’ past and present musical endeavours to fully realise their vision. Marry this vision with socially aware lyrical content and a visually spectacular performance, and you have Tai Sui’s live show. Designed to command the attention of punters, the lyrical content encouraging them to think about a slew of worldly issues that they may have once chose to ignore.

Tai Sui are ambitious with their live sound, incorporating down-tuned guitars, live analogue synths, a plethora of samples and loops, as well as a healthy dose of 4-6 part vocal harmonies that can be described as anything from industrial metal to power-pop, even hip hop and everything in-between. Although excited about their fresh take on live music, Tai Sui did not anticipate the enthusiasm that would begin to flow through.

Humbled by the initial response the band have garnered, Tai Sui are set on the biggest platform they can acquire, with a collective goal to share their music and message to as many people as possible.


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