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From heavy rock to heartfelt ballads, Moscow rockers The Gnine are one of Russia’s most promising new bands!

GnineBand Bio

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Then Gnine is an alternative rock band with a truly unique approach to their blend of music.

Following the band’s inception in 2008, the combo quickly started to earn a reputation for their fierce live sets and explosive songs, borrowing from elements as diverse as hard rock, punk, hardcore and metal in the echo of artists such as Incubus, Tool, Linkin Park or Guano Apes, just to mention a few.

Their latest studio album, #3 which may be a reference to it being the 3rd studio effort of the band or it may be a symbol that reflects what you can see on the attractive album cover, features 5 songs showcasing the band’s incredible versatility and musical variety – from massive walls of guitars, solid rhythm sections and energetic vocals to melodic and even romantic moments.

Consisting of Alla (vocals), Max (guitar), Andy (drums) and Alex (bass), the band is all about refusing to get stuck in a box when it comes to their music. They set out to explore and connect with the listeners through their passion and charisma, whether they are blasting out a powerful rock song or an introspective ballad

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