JBJ not giving a sh*t? Says who…

I just saw something that said this in a retaliation against Bon Jovi having local bands open up.
“Jon Bon Jovi does not give a shit about you. Just ask Skid Row or Cinderella. He does want all of your social media, though. That is all this is, a marketing tool on the backs of desperate indie acts. Think about it.”
Why would you ask Skid Row or Cinderella? First of all, This is coming from a columnist of a magazine who’s also an INDIE musician that is just a small fish in a big pool of musicians.
Of course, that opinion is going to be biased probably because of a falling out with those musicians That’s not anyone’s business. That is between THOSE musicians. People really need to mind their own business, this is the problem. No one has faith.
So what if he wants all of your social media. That’s so that you can promote your band! Not him. The comment “marketing tool on the backs of desperate indie acts” is such a shame. I hope that the post is seen by the almighty, and he puts him in his place. I know some big name musicians who do that. Do you? Probably not. “Think about it”

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