Karma takes care of me.

To my haters that just got me blocked –You know what … Karma takes care of me –You should be ashamed. On the friend’s list or not.

Don’t give me this b/s I am not on your friend’s list, your information is public. Your damn right it is. You have nothing better to do and you are constantly trolling my sh*t and you are in a group somewhere and you thought that what you just did put you ahead of the game, guess what it didn’t. Just made you into a big royal a**hole.
For those of you who are wondering what this is about
Facebook just sent me this message “You’re temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups until today at 6:17 pm.”
I wasn’t even going too fast.
What’s the point of being in groups Facebook to promote if you are going to do this to me and others that are trying to promote their business? Oh, I know, I get it. We have to pay to get sh*t results.
That’s ok Thank God for other networks and not going to let this b/s bring me down. Kiss My F’N A**

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