LiveWire with LadySpitfire 2/25/2016

After battling work for no systems, the past 2 days, going to a bowling episode with KZ where I profusely refused, and dealing with PEEPS, final answer is I hate f’n peeps, we are going to play some music!!! We also talked about

bonz rok and jo jo

  • Paramore – Frontwoman Hayley Williams has wed New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert in Nashville TN. The couple had been dating for nearly 8 years and became engaged over a year ago.
  • Our Up Close and Personal – Alamance brought to you by DJ Lehr
  • We announced some updates from The Curse of Sorrow #shovelsup Threatpoint, we also asked for metal bands in PA to get a hold of Spitfire so she can do a PA Metal Show.
  • Are you a business seeking the cheapest form of advertising there is – click here
  • Hah! We also talked about FACEBOOK FRIEND ETIQUETTE where Lady Spitfire actually rants about it!!!! (but in a professional way of course)

Featuring this week

A Course of Action/ Connellys Springs,NC
Act of Defiance/Los Angeles, CA
Behind The Grey/Scranton PA
Chillin Sun/Los Angeles, CA
Demise Of The Crown/Montreal
Divot/Elmira Ny
I Woke Up Early For My Funeral Orlando, FL
Revel 9 Long Island NY
Scarecrowz / Ottawa
Van Halst, Edmonton Alberta
Wishing Well / Winchester VA

Brought to you by Ricochets Rapid Detail, Glynn D Murphy CPA Glynn D Murphy Photography, Woodbangers and more. Coming Soon ColdCock Whiskey!

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LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz is on Sundays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm- If you miss the episode you can find us on Spreaker

Live Wire With Lady Spitfire and Kickazz is a weekly series that focuses in on indie bands around the world. LadySpitfire and Kickazz have been in the music scene for so many years they have developed many contacts that are as deep as their personality. LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz gives an inside view their personal travels in which they not only find amazing talent but fully immerses themselves into the culture around them and blends right in. The SPIT is back and ready to Kick AZZ and ready to take the world at large, one music scene at a time!


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