LiveWire with LadySpitfire Playlist for 2/7/2016

Here are 10 episodes in already , sure we should be at more ? but life’s got us busy. So we do the best we can especially look at things like this 

Kickazz and Spitfire met the lovely Ashley Lux!
Kickazz and Spitfire met the lovely Ashley Lux!

Can This Weird Fungus Give You Perfect Skin?

We’ll be playing music from

Story / Prague –
Whiskey Six  Phoenix, AZ –
Prelude To June South Africa
Subgroove – Stuart FL –
Pain Is
Anchors of Empires Kenosha WI
Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Plymouth, MI-
Drop Out Vegas  Houston TX-
The Van Arks – Montreal
Van Halst Edmonton Alberta

Background Information On The Show:

LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz is on Sundays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm- If you miss the episode you can find us on Spreaker

Live Wire With Lady Spitfire and Kickazz is a weekly series that focuses in on indie bands around the world. LadySpitfire and Kickazz have been in the music scene for so many years they have developed many contacts that are as deep as their personality. LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz gives an inside view their personal travels in which they not only find amazing talent but fully immerses themselves into the culture around them and blends right in. The SPIT is back and ready to Kick AZZ and ready to take the world at large, one music scene at a time!


If you missed the show you can click here

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