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So today we were blessed with 12891615_1736019133278376_7644810825888350948_oan amazing surprise by the staff over at Metal On Loud Magazine.  Tania, David and staff advised us that we are going to be in the We Metal On Loud Section of the 6th Issue on May 1st. We are so honored. Can’t wait to share.

In the meanwhile here’s some information on these guys

Metal On Loud is the official publication of Metalheads Forever. We are a fast growing metal- rock- and punk community.  You can find out more them here (

There are currently 42 admins with over 67,000 people in the group! Huge shoutout to Randy Gerritse, David Maloney and Tania Legrand!! This is such a true and amazing honor!

They are are fans of all genres and subgenres of Metal. We are also fans of Hard Rock, Punk, Grunge and Metal ballads. You are welcome to post almost anything related to these music genres. Posts that are not allowed are listed below. Please invite and add your friends and family! Cheers and METAL ON LOUD…..\m/ \m/…..

Something pretty awesome for you to read! Will share the link where you can get it and we will be putting this on the legacy shelf of our relationship for sure.13023253_10154554449401111_1244350701_n 12891615_1736019133278376_7644810825888350948_o 12472670_1704117696468520_4614736312696059863_n

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