Jane Train of Not By Sight joins Lady Spitfire

Every week some band from somewhere joins LadySpitfire, Kickazz and DJ Lehr wanting to be heard, well without further adieu, here you go!   LadySpitfire had the opportunity to sit down with Jane Train lead vocalist recently to talk to her about her most recent project(s) that she’s been involved with

Jane- Train

  1. Little bit about yourself .. what made you get into acting, singing:

I’ve been a musician my whole life. I started singing before I could talk. That’s the truth. I didn’t realize I was a singer until a friend asked me to front a band when I was in my teens. I was playing keyboards in bands from age 12. When I found out that I could sing and didn’t have to carry any equipment, the keyboards never left the house again.

I got into acting because I had a Screen Actors Guild card that I earned through singing jingles (commercials) and knew I could use it for more. I just wanted to try being on big TV shows and Movies. The first thing I landed was the TV show “Sex & the City.” I started getting calls because I have a certain look. Now, I’m currently doing core background work on Fox TV’s “Gotham,” which I love.

  1. How did you guys come up with the name?  The name was something meaningful and personal to me. There’s a scripture in 2 Corinthians that says, “Walk by Faith, not by sight.” I went through some tough times from 2007-2014 and held that scripture almost as a mantra to get me through. It reminded me to not look at the circumstances at hand and to keep Faith that there will be a good outcome and things will make sense. And they did. I’m better and much stronger for those years.
  2. How did you come into contact with the other band members Corey Lowery, Virus, Rek Mohr, Ryan Bennett, and Troy MacLawhorn? Seems that you are commonly known across superstars like this…My whole life I’ve been attracted to keeping strong personalities and successful people in my close circle. I’ve met a lot of well known people and am fortunate to call a number of them friends.

I had met Virus through the bass player of Trixter, PJ Farley. I needed a guitarist in a project and Virus had just finished up with David Draimon’s (Disturbed) band, Device. Virus is the most talented and efficient musician to work with. I love him.

As for Corey and the gang: I was working with Clint Lowery of Sevendust on my solo CD, “Diary.” He co-wrote and produced about half the CD with me. His brother Corey was touring with his project Eye Empire. I figured I’d go check them out since we knew of eachother through Clint. We hit it off so well that I invited him to do some Military shows with me and Virus in Greenland, Honduras, and Guantanamo Bay. I had asked Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence), but Corey sold him on going since they’re long time friends. Corey brought in drummer Garrett Whitlock of Tremonti. We had a blast! Corey had suggested we write together, so we made that happen a few months after the Military Tour.

When it came time for an actual Not By Sight band to be put together, Corey, who is now in Saint Asonia, suggested Rek Mohr who played in Call Me No One with his brother Clint and also Morgan Rose of Sevendust. Corey also suggested his former Eye Empire drummer, Ryan Bennett. Ryan is seriously the best drummer I’ve ever played with. I grabbed up my right hand man, Virus and then Troy will guest guitar with us as he can.

  1. This year you guys have already gone to Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras and Guantanamo Bay with your other band Headbanger’s Ball. What was that like playing for the troops? Is that an annual thing, do you see yourselves doing more of that in the near future? I’ve been doing shows for the Troops since 2007. I’ve taken different bands to Greenland twice, Guantanamo Bay three times, Honduras twice, and over to Kosovo, Germany, and Belgium. It’s quite an honor to give back to the Troops. They do so much for us in giving their lives to being in service, preserving our Freedom. They love live entertainment since they don’t get a lot of it. So when we play, they go wild!Playing for them is quite an experience, but learning about their daily operations is just amazing. I hope to always be able to play for our Military.
  2. See the first gig is coming on 2/18. Why did you pick The Gin Mill, and not something closer to home like Kirby Center or Woodlands. I’ve felt that the Gin Mill shouldstart having National Acts. It’s a good room and the live band scene for Nationals in clubs is dying around Northeastern PA. I was bringing Puddle of Mudd on this last Military run with Headbanger’s Ball, but there was a conflict in paperwork and I wasn’t able to take the band with us. So, I wanted to open up the Gin Mill to big acts and also throw Puddle of Mudd an extra show on the East Coast since we missed touring together. It’s a win win for everyone.Truth be told, I contacted the Kirby and they did not even respond. But thankfully they’re keeping the scene alive with Madam Butterfly and a comedic pet show…haha. It’s a shame. Puddle fo Mudd would have done terrific in this demographic. I’ll try the Kirby again in the future. It really is a great Theater.
  3. What are your expectations with the project? What we can expect?  We’re working on securing a way to finish an album and do some touring. I have to work around Saint Asonia’s tour schedule because even though Corey Lowery isn’t in the band line up, he is the main co-writer and producer with Not By Sight.I’m looking forward to more writing and recording with him and the guys.
  4. Anything else you wanna share that I haven’t mentioned?

Everyone can find us at www.facebook.com/notbysightmusic and also on Instagram: Not_By_Sight_Official

Thanks Ms. Spitfire!

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