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Breakage RisingA perfect storm is both beautiful and destructive.  It develops steadily over time and often shifts through many mutations before achieving a perfect state.  In many ways, Breakage Rising is a combination of styles, ideas, and inspirations that collectively form a beautifully deadly mix of aggression and emotion.  The band is more than just a sum of the individual pieces; all five members have varied backgrounds and lend a unique twist to Breakage Risings ever-changing core. Formed in 2003, the band has undergone a number of member and style changes before coming together as a hard-hitting contemporary rock band with a focus on technical musicality, solid grooves, and emotionally-charged lyrics.  Frontman Matt Hunter prowls the stage like a barely-caged animal, ready to pounce, yet wears his heart on his sleeve.  Lead guitarist Sonny Angell is a virtuoso soloist and master songwriter, and is the elder statesman of the group.  Rhythm guitarist Klyph delivers the energy and excitement of the bands live show through his domineering presence.  Bassist Chris DAlessio, a classically trained multi-musician, and drummer Dan Mintzer, with over a decade of professional experience, are the glue that holds the whole group together.  Together, the members of Breakage Rising form a cohesive unit focused on delivering an engaging and exciting new take on contemporary hard rock.  They recently channeled their efforts into recording and releasing their independent debut album, Phoenix Ashes, a not-so-subtle nod to their recent rebirth from the ashes like the mythical phoenix.  Look for Phoenix Ashes on iTunes and follow the band on their Facebook page and their official website,

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