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New album “Planetary Cancer” has arrived!!!

Dissector is the name of melodeath metal band, which was famous and very active in North East of Russia between 1992 and 2002. At that period the band had several line-up changes, recorded many demos and DIY-albums and was giving lots of concerts in Magadan-city area. Concerts of the group, which had more than 100 own-created songs, had distinguished with powerful energy, friendly behavior and perfect reception in local metal-community, the repertory of the band was always being renewed and varied stylistically. In 2002, after having recorded a couple of solo DIY-albums, the only member of Dissector who was with it from the very beginning, the guitarist and vocalist Yan moves to St.Petersburg. There he joins firstly the death-metal group Inside, and later – black-metal band Tartharia with which he is playing and being recorded up to 2005. In particular, Yan took part in recording of album “Abstract Nation” (Crash Music) by Tartharia. Before that, in 2003, together with 2 ex-members of Inside, Yan had created a new goth’n’roll band The Lust (former Last Embrace) which released 3 albums with labels Fono Records (Russia) and Sleaszy Rider Records (Greece). Those albums released in Russia – “Tangled” (2004) and “My Dear Emptiness” (2005) were appraised as the best domestically produced metal-albums of the year. In autumn of 2005 Yan moves to Moscow where he keeps on writing new songs and support The Lust project. In accordance with new contractual terms, after the album “Membrane” having been released, there will be a new 4-th album, which is aready recorded and mixed and mastered in German Studio Music-Factory by Christian Schmid, and CD with collection of best, new and unreleased songs of The Lust. Along with this Yan creates and records the material for Dissector’s resurrection as a studio project. In Decembers of 2006 and 2007 in Finnish studio Astia Studios were recorded guitar parts for the new compositions of Dissector.Material for new songs of Dissector was recorded while recording new songs for The Lust, in which Yan appeared as the main composer, guitarist and vocalist. The recording was taking place in two studios during autumn and winters of 2006 and 2007. All parts, except guitars, were recorded in St. Petersburg in Moscow-Gates home studio, with a sound-engineer Alexey Bolotov. Guitar recording and production were done by Anssi Kippo at Astia Studios (Finland). In total there were 6 full tracks done for promo-single. The additional guitars for another three tracks, which were almost finished after release of “Cry For Me”, were recorded much later, in autumn 2009 on the home studio of the former guitarist of FOBIA Andrey Ternawsky in Saint-Petersburg and mixed/mastered by Alexey Bolotov in 2010. This songs are supposed to be next EP of Dissector. During this session was also recorded a new instrumental demo of Dissector (6 tracks). In 2012 the band has published the new full-lenght album “Not Like Before” with new tracks and some unreleased demo-songs, dedicated to 20 Anniversary of Dissector. 2013-2014 Dissector has composed and recorded in different studios (guitars – by Igor Anohin in Tallinn and by Alexey Bolotov in Sankt-Petersburg) songs for two new big albums. The first one called “Grey Anguish” was published in spring 2015 together with following EP “Pride & Hate” in summer 2015. For any additional information please refer to

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