Now In Rotation – Starve

  • Dutch sludge metal / doom / stoner band Starve. From Nederland / the Netherlands.

StarveStarve is a Dutch metal band with its roots firmly in sludge metal, hardcore and punk. In June of 2015 a new full-length rec…ord ‘Machine Nation’ was released through the newly resurrected Wrath of Time Records in collaboration with Badger Records. It includes elements of 90s hardcore, metal and grunge, drawing inspiration from the kind of music the members of the band grew up with. After releasing a demo early in 2010 and playing a variety of shows, the debut full length record ‘Wasteland’ was recorded during the blistering heat of the summer of the same year. This LP was released by Badger Records on September 17, 2010 and was followed by several individual shows and short tours throughout the rest of the year. In 2011 Starve cranked up the volume to ’11, played yet more shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK and released a 7” to follow their debut LP. ‘Black Sludge, White Sludge’ was officially released on the 9th of September in a musky cellar in Leipzig. A split 12″ with fellow Dutch band Terzij de Horde was released in September of 2012 and a split 7” with Belgian mincecore legends Agathocles was released in February 2013.

“This is sludge with a different objective; sludge that is not content with simply battering the listener into submission, or drowning them in tar riffs. The myriad influences, songwriting depth and ear for battered melody speaks to something more. That’s not to say that lava-thick riffs are not present, and that the threat of aural battery is not delivered upon – what makes this record special and worth your investment is the restraint displayed. You will get battered with a riff, but you will have to wait until the time is right, and then when the payoff is delivered Starve demonstrate the good sense not to keep hitting the same button over and over again.” – Echoes and DustLink to songs:

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