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946170_938993982837133_2251570068391158847_nPICTURES OF PAIN RETURN WITH SOHPHOMORE RELEASE!
“World Demise” out on March 4th

Norway’s “peculiar” extreme metallers PICTURES OF PAIN return with “World Demise”, their second album, six years after their debut (“The Reckoning”).

This is a more technical and complete album compared to the band’s debut but with an added touch of an epic feeling throughout their songs. The result can only be described as PICTURES OF PAIN with their unique ability to blend “a bit of everything” from the hard side of music and not only…

The band manages again to pleasantly surprise with their truly unique and interesting style of music as well as with the album’s superb production where there is A LOT happening in the music while managing to have everything sound loud and clear!

“World Demise” is out on March 4th on CD and digital through Pitch Black Records. The album’s opening track is now available for streaming and free download at while the album can be pre-ordered at and

Hans Helge Iversen – vocals
Frode Gundersen – drums
Rune Fredriksen – lead guitar
Arne Marton Tangjerd – guitar
Roy Martin Østrem – bass
1. Legacy
2. The Storm
3. Time
4. Out Of Control
5. I Walk Alone
6. Truth and Lies
7. The Edge
8. As We Fall
9. World Demise


Recently asked some  Questions for Pictures of Pain

1. How did you all meet?
Me and guitar player Rune have played together since we were in school. But in Pictures Of Pain it was me (Frode), Hans Helge and two others that started out. Then later on Rune, Roy (Bass) and Arne joined in.

2. What inspired your take on metal?
I guess we get inspired by a lot of different bands from 70’s hardrock, 80’Thrash/metal to prog and extreme metal.

3. What other artists do you like?
For me personally I really like Devin Townsend, Steven Wilson, Iron Maiden, Testament, Pantera and a whole lot of other bands. As for the rest of the guys it is a mix of everything from Zeppelin, Ozzy, Megadeth, RCHP, Behemoth etc.

4. Which of these artists has been most influential?
I guess a mix of all of the above and then some 😉

5. When did you record your first demo? How well was it received by the public?
It was recorded some time in 2005, it was received very well I must admit. But since we are from Norway I guess there was a preconception that we would play Black Metal, so people were surprised by our melodic sound.

6. How long does it usually take to create music? Do you write songs as you go, or do you have ideas in mind before hitting the studio?
Our lead guitarist Rune is our main song writer, and usually he starts with a riff and I try different drum stuff, and we slowly build it from there, then Hans Helge starts mapping out vocal melodies. Other times Rune has a specific thought how the part or song should sound.

7. What was it like to work with Andy LaRocque of King Diamond fame on your first full length? Did you think you would work with someone so prolific and famous, or did you intend to work with him from the start?
Andy did the Mastering of the album, of course it is an honour to have such a well respected musician contribute to the record. But it happened by coincidence, it was not planned from the start. It would be fun to do a full album with him though.

8. Who have you played alongside while touring?
We have not been an active touring band, but we have played Festivals with bands like Kamelot, Volbeat, Doro, Keep Of Kalessin. And we will play at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival this year alongside Helloween, Rotting Christ, Snowy Shaw and many others. We have also supported bands like Red Harvest and Pagans Mind.

9. Who would you like to take with you on tour?
More like who would we like to take with us on tour, hehe. I guess every band dreams about going out with a big band, playing large venues, so if Mr Harris calls then I would be more than happy 😉 haha..

10. Did you get to play any major festivals?
Karmøygeddon Metal Festival this year will be our second time there, we are looking very much forward to that since it is a great festival. But of course we would love to play at more festivals.

What would you consider your dream concert/venue to play?
It would be fun to play Sentrum Scene in Oslo, or somewhere really famous like Brixton Academy or Hammersmith in London.
11. What can we expect on your new album? Do you think you’ve surpassed your debut overall?
Yes we feel like we have surpassed our debut by far, both songwriting and production have taken significant steps up.
You can expect a well crafted Metal album, melodic yet extreme, with lots of different flavours thrown in for good measure, it will have something for you if you like hard rock, heavy metal or extreme metal.
12. Will it be difficult to raise the bar on your abilities after this?
The tricky third album, hehe;) Nah not sure, we have already started on some new ideas and it sounds great so far.
13. Would you consider participating in a tribute to any band?
We have never played much cover material, but we would definitely contribute if it was a band we liked.

14. If you had a chance to make a cover song just to see how it would fit in your style, which song would you cover, and by whom?
We actually did a cover song on a couple of our first concerts, a beefed up version of Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions. But it would be very difficult to find a song that was similar to our style, Painkiller would be fun though. 😉 Or taking a mediocre song and put our own sound on it.
15. Do you see yourselves going mainstream?
Not really, but we play whatever we feel like, if that at anytime sounds more mainstream than so be it, as long as we have fun playing it.

16. If you could sign to a major label, whom would you like to sign with?
Hmm a lot of my favourite bands have been on Roadrunner, Century Media or Inside Out, but we are very happy with Pitch Black Records.
17. Do you have any huge plans for Pictures of Pain?
It would definitely be fun to do more Festivals and touring all over the world.

18. Any shoutouts?
Phivos Papadopoulos of Pitch Black Records definitely deserves a shoutout. And Karmøygeddon Metal Festival leader Johnny Angelund.

19. Final thoughts?
I hope that a lot of people will buy and listen to our new record, I feel that we have a really strong record in World Demise.
Hopefully we will be able to do more shows in the future, at the moment we are rehearsing for our release concert 5 March, that will be a lot of fun.

Take care.


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