Rant – Facebook – Bite Me

Some people don’t have anything better to do with their time.

I wish that my haters would back the hell off. You know who you are, I have moved on and you guys need to do the same.

Bad Enough that while I am in the grieving process of losing my dog my own account was hacked today while I was in it.  Facebook you need to find something better to do than harass the little dogs like me.
I am a social media manager – I have pages for clients, I have groups that I am trying to sell some personal stuff in, let alone if you think that I will post in groups – I won’t so that this stuff doesn’t stop happening – so you will go and suspend me from being in groups for an entire week when I have done nothing wrong.

I never have this problem with GooglePLUS

Go ahead someone report me for profanity.

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