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In The Cellar – St. Yesterday


In a society full of plastic smiles and perfect tans, the golden age of rock stars has long since grown stale.
Armed with an underground army of punks, rebels, and outcasts these aptly named “Saints”, stand together as the style and voice of a new generation. Continue reading In The Cellar – St. Yesterday

In The Cellar – Afraid Of My Neighbor

Afraid of My Neighbor is a female fronted rock band formed in 2012 in Los Angeles, California.Their fast paced and energetic sound combines elements of alternative rock, punk and just the right amount of metal to make you want to headbang until your neck breaks. Their live performances have been leaving people all over Southern California breathless. Continue reading In The Cellar – Afraid Of My Neighbor

In The Cellar – Skyward

Skyward is a big, messy, alternative rock band founded in the big, messy alternative mountains of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Meeting at James Madison University, they all banded together under the idea that loud guitars and crushing drums didn’t have to be mutually exclusive to an electronic, pop sound. Continue reading In The Cellar – Skyward

In The Cellar – JeSante

Up Close and Personal – JeSante
By DJ Josh

Been a while since artists have been discovered. This week Dj Josh is going to the Latin side of the indie world, and has discovered someone that’s better then Gloria Esteban.

JeSánte is living her dreams. The young New Yorker has dedicated her life to singing and continues to wow audiences all over the world Continue reading In The Cellar – JeSante

In The Cellar – Dreamers LIke Us

Dreamers Like Us consists of
Vocals/Guitar: Tony Malec, Guitar: Dane St. Duran, Bass: Matt Redick, Drums: Greg “G.g.” Lynch.  Originally the band had formed together as an Experimental / Post-Hardcore / Metal band with former vocalist Zack Olaes fronting the group. However things didn’t go as the group had planned. A few months in to the life of the bands existence vocalist Zack announced his departure leaving an open vocals position. With many submissions regarding the open slot, auditions were in effect. Continue reading In The Cellar – Dreamers LIke Us