Spitfire : Feels Grateful

It’s that time of the year where I recap 2016, and what my hopes are for 2017.

2016 has been very good to me, and so was 2015. I have an amazing work at home job, with an amazing boss Kathy who is not just a boss, but a great friend, and now my official masta in life.

I continue to run Ricochets Rapid Detail LLC with my ex, and we are on the best of terms. My furries continue to have a great life thanks to him. They are in the best of care over 10 years old.

Since July – I have been doing WBSNightOut and my goal with this for 2017 – is to make our local music scene in all of PA great again.

And now, save the best for last. I have the most magical man, Glynn who has provided me with the best that life has to offer so far. Our relationship is based on Honesty, Love, Respect and Trust, which is why we have such an amazing unbreakable bond. He does a lot for himself, as well as his 3 children who are going to go very far in life. A lot of his characteristics are what my mom and dad have. I also have the most amazing family – Dad (RIP) and Mom, you are the reason who I am today. Those of you who know me you seen the transformation that’s happened… It has to do with the magic man that’s in my life who provides me with daily guidance. I also have a wonderful brother, and niece, that I could never live life without.

Thank you God for answering my birthday wish on 11/30/2014 (my 40th) I am truly grateful. My goals for 2017, are not to repeat my past mistakes. That’s it. that’s my resolution. Real Simple. At the same time, I am going to grow all that I am invested with including my original song #EffortNeverDies which is being made possible to everyone involved; Bruce, Denise, CJ, Adam, Trevor, Beth, Debbie and Chris… if it wasn’t for you this bucket list item that I have wanted for a long time wouldn’t be happening.

To all my friends, followers, colleagues, and of course the haters, trolls, and the people who want to see me fail – I hope your 2017 brings you health, wealth, and happiness for the rest of your lives. What has happened in the past, is staying there. The best is yet to come.

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