Press Release for The self-titled track of the band, The Color Blew

For Immediate Release: 17/09/2016

The highly anticipated new single from the band, The Color Blew, is set to hit radio airwaves and press publications today.

The Color Blew’s Self-Titled Track called “The Color Blew” is the 2nd released single from the band who is taking over the S.A Music Scene.

After the success of the band’s first single “Colors” which has been play listed on radio stations all around the world including Rock Hard Radio (USA), The Indie Authority (USA), Rock Radio UK, My Rock Radio (UK) and Radio Italia (Italy), as well as Zone Radio, Fanbase Radio, Eden Am, The Grind Radio, All-time Radio, Keep Rocking Radio amongst others.

The bands 2nd single, The Color Blew, is set to take the world by storm and carry on breaking boundaries within in the industry and shows the direction the band is progressing into.

Liaan Horton, the bands lead singer/guitarist and lyricist is quoted on saying the following about the track.

“A song needs to breathe, to float and dance on its alliteration, to express itself shamelessly, passionately in its own words…. Songs capture every nuance of that moment beautiful and honest in its complex paradox of meaning and pure feeling… The Color Blew as a song is exactly that, a moment captured in time, the sound of our collective minds”

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Watch The Color Blew Perform The Color Blew on Balcony TV Johannesburg


This track is a well written and beautifully arranged song. Listening to the lyrics takes the listener on an emotional roller coastal of feelings, I love it. Well done, The Color Blew (Watch out for this band, they are going to go far) -Duzzy Clayton Fanbase Music Magazine

“The color Blew” is the perfect storm rock song! Like a musical Kaleidoscopic, there is something for just about every rock genre fan in this latest release by S.A’s chameleon rock band where Alternative and Classic Rock meet. Meaningful lyrics set this signature tune alight as they glisten off of the evolving anthem- Carolyn Cronje from #CuppaJoeShow on Eden Am

Released: 16/09/2016

Written and Performed by: The Color Blew

Vocals and guitar: Liaan Horton

Bass Guitar: Marius “Goerge” Cronje

Drums and percussion: Armando “Stix” Santos

Lead Guitar: Timothy James Lotter

Lyrics by Liaan Horton

Recorded independently at RAW TRAX studio in Gauteng. Mixed and Mastered at Audio Vibez Studio in Springs South Africa

Engineered by & Produced by Liaan Horton and Armando Santos

Mixed and Mastered by Liaan Horton

Song Lyrics

The Color Blew
These Colors are cold
Oh I shake as I hold
Your Color so bold
Man I cant let you go

I close my eyes
I hate goodbyes

I catch my breath
Hold on to what is left
The way you’d shine
All your shades they blind my eyes

You color me in
You made me believe

The Color blew over me and you
I need you to hold, I need you to hold

I needed to fall
To lose all control
I needed to crawl
To stand up and walk again

I had to let out
All I held inside

I want to believe
Oh I can’t escape
The Colors I feel
The Colors I bleed to believe

Scarlett faith
Running through my veins

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