Up Close and On Fire – Candlelight Red – CD Review

Written By CJ M.
Produced by Spitfire and Kickazz


Candlelight Red are a four-piece modern rock band from Williamsport, PA with two full-length albums and one EP to their credit. For this week’s episode of Up Front And On Fire, I’ve decided to concentrate on their most recent release, Reclamation, released in 2013 on the Imagen label. (The band is still active, having toured with a renewed vigor in 2016, and are planning new material in 2017, per a New Years Day post on their Facebook page.)

The quartet of vocalist Ryan Hoke, guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Edge, bassist/vocalist Jamie Morrat, and drummer Brian Dugan hits all the right touchstones for 21st Century mainstream modern rock – a vocalist that alternates between clean melodies and grimy screams with ease, downtuned guitar work that features tight crunchy rhythms and fluid leads, and drums that do their job of keeping the beat and knowing just the right places to bust out the right kind of fill.


The production on Reclamation is also listener friendly, enhancing the band’s main sound with ambient and unobtrusive keyboards, leaving Dugan’s drums dry and compressed for a truly heavy sound (rather than the excessive cement room echo sound from certain 80’s metal records), and occasionally throwing in a shade of reverb on Hoke’s vocals for emphasis. If this band doesn’t find themselves at a higher level in their career before 2017 ends, there’s something wrong.


Highlighted tracks:
Broken Glass

Like A Disease


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