Up Close and On Fire – Canedy – CD Review

CANEDY The name of Carl Canedy should not be unfamiliar to most metalheads, whether it is the drummer of the long-running metal trio The Rodz, or as a producer for such classic metal albums as Anthrax’s Spreading The Disease and Possessed’s Beyond The Gates. Recently, the veteran musician and producer decided to take on a special solo project, bringing in a variety of friends, including TT Quick/Accept vocalist Mark Tornillo and Savatage guitarist Chris Cafferty, amongst others, to bring his first proper solo album Headbanger into existence. A particular highlight for anyone even unfamiliar with Canedy’s status in metal is “The Code”, featuring one of the last recorded vocal performances of the late Ronnie James Dio. If that alone doesn’t make you add this CD to your metal collection, you’ve got a problem. Featured tracks: Cult Of The Poisoned Mind The Code Madman

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