Up Close and On Fire – Crobot – CD Review

So far, all of the artists that have been featured on Up Front And On Fire have had two things in common: they’ve been from the Eastern Pennsylvania area, and they’ve had releases put out either on their own or though smaller micro-labels. This week, part of that streak gets broken, as our featured artist is part of the Wind-Up Records/Concord Music Group roster. Yes, that same Wind-Up that gave the world Evanescence, Seether, and Drowning Pool. Nice.

Crobot released a new album late last year on Wind-Up, but I didn’t have it available for review at press time, so this week’s episode is going to highlight cuts from their debut album Something Supernatural.


Between the band name, the cover art, and some of the song titles, I was anticipating something along the lines of doom metal. I wasn’t too far off when I hit play on the opening track, “Legend Of The Sunbourne Killer”, but in a way, I was because this track sounds like a lost Soundgarden song – and so do a lot of the tracks on here, which is a good thing. Singer Brandon Yeagley frequently comes off as a dead ringer for Chris Cornell, and the riffing the rest of the band does could have easily been heard on any Soundgarden album. Soundgarden isn’t their only influence, though – these guys have the whole history of riff-tacular hard rock in their DNA, and it shows.


Reading the band’s bio on their Facebook page, in fact, states right in the first paragraph that their focus is on killer riffs arranged into great songs. These guys are focused. We need more good riffs in rock and roll, not that there hasn’t been a shortage of riffs to begin with. Crobot are just devotees of the almighty riff, with the songwriting and playing chops enough to add to that infinite lexicon.


It was a total bitch to try to settle on three songs this week, because every one was just so goddamned good, but for today, these will be the three. My answer might be different on a different day. So might yours, so just dive in for yourself.

“Legend of the Sunbourne Killer”
“Skull of Geronimo”

“Night of the Sacrifice

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