Up Close and On Fire Ep 13 – Robert Hunter and Eye On Attraction – CD Review

This week we introduce the new format. That’s right! Because of the overwhelming support. You asked for it you got it!!!!


Robert Hunter (no relation whatever to the longtime Grateful Dead lyricist) is a singer/songwriter from Danville, PA. His newly-released EP Afterglow features five songs whose sound blurs the boundaries between the alternative rock of the Nineties and the singer/songwriter boom of the Seventies. Just when you think you’ve pegged one influence in his music, two or three others pop up. End result: Afterglow ends up being a twenty-minute songwriting clinic.

Gone For Good


Scranton’s own Eye On Attraction, already a popular quartet for their daring blend of pop, grunge, and prog rock, have gone through quite a bit in the past year, doing a short tour with Adelitas Way and then parting ways with their previous vocalist. As they start to emerge into with a new single and lyric video for the song “Pleasantville”, we take a brief look back with their previous release “Staircases”.


The Straight And Narrow
The Ground We Move
Bonus:  “Pleasantville”


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