Up Close and On Fire – Ep 14 – Friar’s Point and Black Dawn – CD Review

Another episode Kickazz is MIA only 9 more days kids. This week we put blues, metal and hard rock all in the same episode

By CJ M.


The Friar’s Point Band are a contemporary blues band from Lehigh Valley, PA. Live, the band mixes their own original material with their own takes on old-school blues classics. Their most recent studio album, Lust, is an all-original affair – all of the songs having been composed by their guitarist Chris London –  with the song’s lyrics centering on “love, lust, loss, and being left alone”, to quote their website. The group is celebrating their tenth anniversary this year.


We had three albums from Friar’s Point at our disposal to choose from, but two of them, To The Point and Live at Sun Studios share similar track listings, so wherever we had the option, we elected to use the versions from Live at Sun Studios over the original versions on To The Point to better represent how the band sounds in a live setting.


You Must Think I’m Blind [Live from Sun Studios]

Art For Money [Live from Sun Studios version]

Gonna Make You Love Me [Lust]




Black Dawn are a metal/hard rock quartet from Long Island, NY. While most metal bands have decried the existence og grunge and alternative rock, Black Dawn have openly embraced the influence of acts like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice In Chains on equal footing with more headbanger-friendly fare like Black Sabbth, Metallica, and Dwon, and their music has come out all the better for it. Black Dawn also have something else to be proud of in an era when bands seems to have more fluid lineups: they have had the exact same exact lineup since they first formed eighteen years ago.


Upon Your Lips

Open The Gates

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