Usually putting together a band with a minimum of three or four members is a daunting task. You’ll get your fair share of the following tropes: players who only want to do cover gigs on the weekends; players who have had it with covers and only want to do originals; players who are willing to fill in for a while, but leave when they feel the money or the music isn’t good enough; players who can’t even play. Philadelphia-based band Glim Dropper elected to eliminate those headaches by taking advantage of modern musical technology and performing and recording as a two-piece unit of Dan Kauffman on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, and loops, and Rob Schnell on drums, samples, and backing vocals. The pair creates a full organic band sound that they call “forward thinging retro rock and roll” – meaning that while they’re utilizing familiar classic and alternative rock sounds and feels in their music, they’re not a couple of luddites who’d prefer to record and release their music on shellac 78’s or Edison cylinders! Their well-written and produced album Last Days Of Analog harks back to the days before being a producer meant you took a band’s recorded performance and chopped, cut, and pasted the thing into a platable mess intended to be overplayed on corporate terrestrial radio.

Highlighted songs: Last Days Of Analog, Make It, Happy Now

Very recently, NEPA-based band Graces Downfall called it a collective career after 12 years and three albums, with the various members spinning off into two different cover band units. Their breakup this past February left a small void in the otherwise vibrant Wilkes-Barre/Scranton original music scene, but there’s no denying the impact that Graces Downfall had on that very same scene. Their third and final album Change. Adjust. Continue, which was funded mostly by a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, ends their discography on a creative high note with their trademark blend of heavy riffs, stready rhythms, and anthemic vocal melodies.

Highlighted songs: Letter To Lainey, Jesus Crutch, Strumpets

Of course the producer forgot to include:

Dammit! has been playing the San Francisco Bay area (and beyond!)
music scene for over 10 years. Originating from the basement of
guitar thrasher John Gillette, the goal was to start a band that had the
sound of Metallica and the heart of Alice in Chains; a mixture of Punk,
Rock/Metal and Grunge; and John Gillette did just that.

Featuring Darker and Darker

Eric Gibson is an Austin, TX recording artist who writes, performs and produces his own unique brand of Alternative music. Eric was born in Richmond, VA, and raised in the mean streets of Gainesville, FL. He has been playing guitar, a variety of stringed instruments and keyboard since the early 90’s. He has performed music, theatrical poetry readings, and performance art in venues all over Florida, DC, and Virginia.

Featuring Ocean Rolling