Up Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 23 Paul Marin and State of Mind

Episode 23 – What ? Can you believe it!! And here we thought Sound cloud was going away Nope!

Two new artists this week State of Mind – Cleveland, OH and Paul Martin – Scranton PA


State of Mind – Cleveland OH

State of Being is a Cleveland-based American alternative and industrial rock project. The group is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Christopher Foldi, and has been called the “…great missing link between 80s synth-pop and heavy industrial.” by the webzine Chaos Control.

While in college at the turn of the 1990s, Foldi teamed up his rough ideas with keyboardist (and later guitarist) Michael Demagall to record the first State of Being cassette EP. After a handful of cassette EPs and sporadic live appearances, the band finally experienced its first commercial success in 1995 with the debut of their first full-length CD, “Dysfunctional Vision”, after a replication error caused a temporary production set-back in 1994. The band’s big break locally came after a successful opening gig for Chemlab at the Phantasy nightclub in Lakewood, Ohio, where Foldi was a resident DJ. Live performances reached a new high when the band performed at WMMS’ BuzzardFest in 1995 at Blossom Music Center, where they opened for The Ramones, Face to Face, and many others. Although they had lost their drummer just days before the gig, a quick substitution was made by friend and frequent collaborator Chris Steagall on electronic drum pads. The performance was featured in The Plain Dealer photo “Lost in the Music”. Favorable reviews and airplay followed throughout 1995.

By 1997, the live line-up had changed drastically with the addition of Foldi’s brother, Scott on guitar, and the band’s graphic artist Shara (Turek) Bohach taking over on keys. In 1998, the band released a follow-up CD EP titled “Static in My Brain”. Part of this EP was recorded with producer/engineer Jon Denney and favored a heavier guitar-based sound, inspired by live performances, and evidenced in the lead track, “X Approaching -1.”

Foldi nearly disbanded the group in 2000 when mounting tension over the struggle to complete the next CD, collided with the untimely departure of yet another drummer. In 2002, “Implosion” was finally released to mixed reviews. However, the dark-rock bible Outburn magazine gave it a 5-out-of-5 and praised it as “the band’s best work yet.” Implosion was rounded out with a re-recorded version of the track “Instinct”, remixed by Andy Kubiszewski (Stabbing Westward, The The). Shortly thereafter, Kubiszewski suggested producing the band’s next disc.


A year later, Foldi was working as crew for the band Prick when Kubiszewski joined the band as their drummer. Inspired by the sessions, Foldi resumed song writing. Dozens of demos were submitted to Kubiszewski for feedback, while he applied different approaches to each song that made the cut. The resulting album “Haywire” was completed in 2004, and spawned the single “Levity” which received significant airplay in Cleveland, Phoenix and as far away as Melbourne, Australia. Haywire’s success prompted increasing live performances, so the band added Randy Blaire on drums and Rayanne Turek on bass guitar to round out the line-up. Gigs in Chicago, New York City and throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania followed, as the band performed supporting gigs for The Church, The Used, Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult, Kill Hannah and many others. Haywire was followed up by a pair of clever remix EPs in 2005. State of Being was voted Best Alternative/Electronic Act two years in a row (2004, 2005) by Scene Magazine, Cleveland’s premier arts and entertainment weekly. State of Being continued to perform regularly until 2006.

New demos for a follow up to Haywire were recorded but never released. The sessions did produce the lone single “Whiplash” in 2012 along with a pair of remixes. Meanwhile, Foldi launched a new project called Frigid Touch, and also performed live with the Goth ensemble The Deadward Goreys.

Near the end of 2016, Foldi was struck by the impulse to capture the unsettled energy of the world at that moment. “I took a cue from the angst in my early 90’s State of Being work, but approached those frustrations with 20 years’ experience. This work is a more contemporary reflection from the brink of the dystopian future that seems to be creeping upon us.” The result is nine new songs on the newly released album appropriately titled “The Misinformation Age.“

The lead track “All the Chaos” ushers in a slow rolling tension. “Newsfeed Zombie” picks up the pace echoing the bombardment of information we receive. “Coming From” deals with the conflicts on a personal level. “No Silence” reflects that moment of doom where we question ourselves and everything around us. “Signs” warns us of our right to free speech, while “Tread” was inspired by the protests at Standing Rock. “Inches Away” reminds us how seemingly close we are to catastrophe and to one another. “Some Days” draws on the urge to give up, while “I Will Grow” leaves us with hope. The new album is available as of January 2017 through all major on-line retailers.

Paul Martin – Scranton PA

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