UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 28 John Roginski and Alien Guitar Abduction

Sorry we haven’t gone sooner folks, but we have been quiet busy. Tonight – same as always 2 bands one local, and one from out of town. You know the drill

John Roginski
Scranton PA

Been playing and singing since I can remember. While I’m no master of any particular instrument, I can get along on many. This makes it possible to deliver what’s in my head into a finished track. I love to write, and do so in many styles. I do favor the love song and recently find myself leaning towards contemporary Christian. I am also involved with a Monkees Sound-alike tribute band called the Monkeephiles. I occasionally play with a New Jersey based band called the Characters.

Alien Guitar Abduction
Pueblo, CO

The heavy metal sounds of Alien Guitar Abduction derive from Stan Rose’s early musical influences such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, refined by later bands such as Metallica and Dream Theater, and older school speed/dark metal such as Sepultura.
┬áSomeone tell me why these guys aren’t signed.


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