UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 36 The Catacomb Creeps and Signal 99

Welcome, to another episode of S and K – I’m your host – Lady Spitfire – sitting in for both – Kickazz and I because he’s sick and I am just starting to get sick.

On 11/3 we had the pleasure to get the new book “What does this button do?”  written by Bruce Dickinson which was an absolute pleasure to meet Kickazz’s all-time favorite singer.  He shook my hand and I thanked him for blessing us with his music.


First Up: The Catacomb Creeps – Wilkes Barre, PA
.. in the year of 1980, a group of rogue engineers [two, recently banned from the international society of genetic and cryogenic engineering and development] set out to plan and perform a grand experiment in liberation. With 1.21 jigawatts of electricity (which was rumored to be stolen from a Rush concert being performed a few short blocks from the secret underground laboratory, that was conveniently buried below the local trailer park). With this, 3 sons of rebellion, booze, and rock n roll were born.

the scientists conditioned the brothers in the arts of fury, brutality, and passion. the scientists grew happy with the boys performance. They noticed the rapidly increasing rate of romantic insanity and decided the 3 would be unstoppable together. The scientists knew their plan of infecting the world with their brand of genetically engineered insanity would be too dangerous to carry out with 3 animals whose instincts were found too powerful even after conditioning.

it was soon decided that the brothers would be separated and buried alive in various Catacombs of eastern Europe. Given nothing but their destined weapons in rock n roll the 3 were lost in the darkness of death and separately found themselves locked in a subconscious fit of musical mutations. This cortextual conversion lasted the better of 20 years. The procession left the boys twisted in the head; mad with delusions of an undead opera constantly creeping through their skulls. the delusions would keep them in a perpetual state of waking dreams.

The visions were the same for all 3, with the conclusion being the apparitions would need to perform through the brothers. And only through them could their murderous play be delivered.

With the help to ghostly cast of the waking dream, the Catacomb Creeps re-emerged and united from their underground prisons. More powerful than ever, the boys were ready to use their undead visions to transcend the ultimate levels of romantic insanity throughout the land.

As act 2 of their undead ensemble ready to stage that is their minds, our heroes find themselves at the End of the Grey; ready to battle forward let the facet that is their music drip undead rainbows of madness on only the strongest of souls who can accept it. Fuck you world, all of your base now belong to us

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Signal 99
SIGNAL 99 has emerged from the southwest with their powerful music along with their unforgettable stage presence. Their hard metal punk influenced music coupled with the hard rock vamping vocals and melodic tones with minor key tonality which results in embedded music that you will not forget. This band originated as a trio and now filled out its sound with another guitarist. The music stands for itself and has proven to compete with many bands near the same genre. Their music styling is often paired with Coal Chamber, Static-X, Upon a Burning Body, and Psychostick.

Signal 99 was recently featured in a first of its kind eBook that has nearly 800,000 downloads since its release in May 2015. Selected along with 25 other artists out of 4,000 worldwide entries, Signal 99’s song “Zombie Star” made the soundtrack. This prompted several local media and regional TV coverage (KOB TV 4, NBC) to cover the band’s accomplishment.

The Gospel CD features recommended tracks such as Zombie Star and Ten Fold. Zombie Star has gained the attention of many A&R Reps to stop and listen. Pandora, Amazon, and Spotify currently feature this CD. The earlier 2008 CD, Armed and Dangerous features recommended tracks of the self-titled “Armed and Dangerous” also “Jealousy Breeds” which is available on ITunes. They will be going back in the studio to release a new CD.

This powerful band started like most bands with the heart, drive, and love of music. They started with a power trio of two brothers (Chuck Haven – Vocals/Guitarist & Henry Haven – Bass) and a very good friend (Mark Curley). Chuck, Henry, & Mark paved the way for Signal 99 in the early years with constant touring and gaining fan base in the southwest region. In 2011, they were first to win the local spot to play the UpRoar Rockstar Mayhem Festival at the Isleta Amphitheater along-side Avenged Sevenfold & Seether. This opened up many opportunities for the band including playing for SXSW in Austin starting from 2009. Since then, the band has been through many changes including losing Henry Haven to Multiple Sclerosis in 2014. It was Henry’s request to keep the band going, so Chuck found some new band members and after a few line-up changes, he has solidified the core to include; Brandon Curly – Bass Guitar, Fred Brown – Drums, Percussion, & Keys, Maul – Guitar, and Mark Curley – Drums. This new group has worked together to create the music and the mood on the new album, American Monster, and has been assembled to bring that music live, to all our fans. Be rockin’ with you soon!!!!

They have performed live television on FUSE MUSIC TV’s “Slave To The Metal” tour and Albuquerque television’s “Quote – Unquote” series. Radio interviews and airtime from San Diego to Austin. Press from the Albuquerque Journal – The Denver Post – Denver Westword – Cortez Journal – Farmington Daily Times – Gallup Independent – Navajo Times – Metal Horizon Magazine and No Cover Magazine

Today’s Rant Of The Day
when posting reviews, please be honest. No one gives a shit about your opinion. Enough Said.


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